Thursday, March 23, 2017

Olives oil processing: Cold Pressing

After olives are harvested and cleaned within 72 hrs they must be crushed and made into a pulp. After that point, the pulp is cold pressed in the absence of light and oxygen and the oil expelled and bottled in opaque glass bottles.

In olive oil processing, cold pressed means that the olives or the press are not heated or treated with hot water. The maximum allowed temperature for extra virgin oil is 25 °C. Heat would give a higher yield of oil during the pressing, but would compromise the quality and flavor.
Cold press is very important for the first pressing of extra virgin olive oil. A cold press retains all the nutrient benefits of the raw fruit. Using this method 90% of the oil is extracted from the olives.

An olive oil extracted from the first cold press of unripe green olives, characterized by having a high level of astringency. Good quality oil is fragrant with a fine taste, free of sharpness and acridity.
Olives oil processing: Cold Pressing
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