Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Blueberries in can

Blueberries can be canned, mainly used for pie fillings, are cleaned and inspected, placed in cans, and the cans are then filled with water or with a 10-30% sugar solution.

Canned blueberries can be light or heavy syrup packed or water packed. For this fresh or frozen blueberries are place in cans, light syrup or water is added to cover the head space and can are sealed and heat processed at about 93-95 C q-with 25-30° C minute holding time.

Canned blueberry pie filling, in which the berries are cooked, sweetened and packed in a thickened liquid are very popular in the United States and Great Britain. Canned blueberries may vary from a highly attractive free-flowing product to one is clumped into a firm mass. Clumping can be greatly reduced by cooling with agitation, which apparently interfered with the bonding together of berries by surface wax or cutin.
Blueberries in can
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