Thursday, October 18, 2018

Manufacturing and processing of banana powder

Bananas are quite perishable and highly sensible to heat; it is estimated that more than quarter of the world’s production is lost every year. The banana is also very versatile, thus enabling its consumption in wide variety of range of products: canned or frozen puree, dried banana figs, banana powder, banana flour, flakes, chips, canned slices, jams and beverages.

Banana powder is prepared by spray drying of fully ripe banana pulp after adding solids at 10% level. Blanching is an important step in banana powder processing for controlling discoloration in the product.

Spray drying of foods rich in invert sugar is difficult because of their thermoplastic nature, which results in the adherence of the dried matter to the sides of the sprayer necessitates scrubbing. However, when milk solids are added spraying becomes easy and the material does not stick to the walls of the sprayer.

The processing should be carried out under good sanitary condition to prevent bacterial contamination of the product at the time of drying and packing.

The dry powder is highly hydroscopic and is packed in bag-in box packages. The bags are made from laminated material with moisture barrier layer. This product has a high market value as it is use in the confectionary industry, making of ice creams and weaning and baby foods.
Manufacturing and processing of banana powder
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