Sunday, March 10, 2019

Frozen mackerel

Atlantic and Spanish mackerel are sold to retailers as the fresh product, either as fillets or as the round uncut fish. Amounts of Spanish mackerel also go to local fresh fish market. Spanish mackerel also is also sold as marine mammal food to aquarium-type attractions.

Some are frozen by placing the round fish in pans and holding at -18° C, or below in rooms with or without circulating air.

The fish, frozen as a block, are sprayed with water for purposes of glazing to prevent dehydration and held in the frozen state until defrosted for sale to restaurants or retail outlets. Freezing, frozen storage and thawing affect the quality and shelf stability of fish and seafood. During frozen storage microbiological changes in fish and seafood are minimal.

Frozen mackerel mince blocks without glazing lost 35% of its initial weight when stored at -18 C for 80 days.
Frozen mackerel

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