Sunday, June 02, 2019

Production of instant tea

Instant tea powder is extensively used in large quantity in various tea premixes. The main objective to produce instant tea powder is to save time & effort of mankind in preparation of tea and feel the people the actual taste of tea as & when they want to have a cup of tea.

Instant tea Instant tea is used almost entirely to prepare iced tea. The basic objective in the manufacture of instant tea is to extract the water soluble solids from a pure tea brew, and convert them into a powdery form. The instant tea ingredient must be an extract processed from the leaves, buds, and tender stems of the varieties of the species Camellia sinensis or Thea sinensis known to be suitable for making tea for consumption as a beverage.

It is manufactured by a fairly exhaustive extraction of black tea with hot water. After separation of leaf matter from the extract, the latter is usually stripped of volatile substances (aroma) and concentrated.

Drying of such a concentrate without further processing would result in a product incompletely soluble in cold water, so the extract is precooled to precipitate cold water-insoluble fractions, known as 'cream'. These may be processed to improve solubility and then added to the main extract. The preserved aroma fraction is added back ta the total extract concentrate before spray or freeze drying.
Production of instant tea
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