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Functions of stabilizers in food and beverages

One of the functions of food additives is to maintain product consistency and also improve mouth-feel. Such as emulsifiers give products a consistent texture and prevent them from separating, while stabilizers and thickeners give smooth uniform texture to deliver on consumer expectation.

Stabilizers are indispensable substances in food items and categorized as food additives. The purpose of emulsifiers & stabilizers is to facilitate the mixing together of ingredients that normally would not mix namely fat and water. Stabilizers are used customarily to improve thickening, mouthfeel, product structure stability water-binding capacity, creamy consistency, and viscosity.

The stabilizers used to enhance the shelf life of food product by preventing them from the microbial attack are called food grade stabilizers.

Stabilizer are substances that can stabilize, retain or intensify an existing colour of a foodstuff and substances that increase the binding capacity of the food to allow the binding of food pieces into reconstituted food.

Xanthan gum is often used in drinks made with citrus and in fruit-flavored drinks to create a satisfactory texture and as a stabilizer for odor and flavor. Because it dissolves quickly and completely at low pH, xanthan gum helps with the suspension of insoluble components.
Functions of stabilizers in food and beverages

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