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Definitions in Milk Processing

Definitions in Milk Processing
Milk treatment is the preparation of raw milk, including heat treatment as a precondition for milk processing.

The treatment of milk is done in the preparation room. It is a basic process in each dairy plant, as all of the milk is submitted to this technological process.

On the other hand, legally defined hygienic requirement must be met (such as heat treatment): on the other hand, milk is prepared as a function of the final process utilization. The type and intensity of the treatment are selected accordingly.

The process can be carried out to such a level that for, e.g. pasteurized milk the required final quality can be nearly achieved. Treatment then becomes processing.

Milk processing is the quality oriented activity of manufacturing and packing of dairy based products on the basis of treated milk.

In the section on milk processing, all process activities and steps as well as the required machines, instrument and lines as well as technology are dealt with in detail.
Definitions in Milk Processing

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